Why use a bookkeeper?

Our bookkeeping service is beneficial for all types of entities from sole traders, partnerships, non-profit, companies and trusts.

There is a big difference between someone who knows how to use MYOB and someone who understands it! All too often our clients approach us to fix up errors in their figures after buttons have been pressed here, there and everywhere!  As registered BAS agents with formal qualifications and experience we understand the accounting processes and journal transactions that lie behind each function in your accounting software be it MYOB or Xero.

Staff management is also an area many small business owners are consumed with which is why all of our clients have found our offsite service a relief! No more staff management issues, staff downtime by the water cooler, dealing with politics - our service is efficient and effective. 

Tax Return Preparation

Many sole traders and small business typically produce a shoe box of receipts to their accountant when it's time to do their tax. This can be a very costly way to run your accounts! How can we help you?! We can prepare your receipts and present the total figures to your accountant in a profit and loss format that they can quickly and easily see your total income and expenses for the year to prepare your tax return. We communicate with your accountant to ensure an effective presentation is set specifically for your business. We have helped many small businesses and trades with their tax return preparations, call us today and find out how we can help you!

"my accountant was impressed, and relieved he didn't need to sort through my receipts! I saved hundreds of dollars by using Matheson & Osman bookkeeping to prepare my end of year receipts and my tax refund was processed alot quicker than usual!" BM Plumbing & Maintenance

Bookkeeping Services

Matheson & Osman provide excellent attention to detail and places an emphasis on understanding your businesses performance and position. We encourage you to implement regular data entry of your sales and expenses to keep your business up to date and organised. It is important to keep the data current to enable you to regularly review and understand your business performance. Through our consistent bookkeeping services we can assist you and deliver various reports that will analyse trends in sales, profit margins, breakeven point, budget your costs and understand your fixed overheads to variable costs, review staff budgets and rosters or any other area you would like to improve. With these reports you can then confidently make management decisions on the direction of your business.

Our services include:

· General Bookkeeping data entry

· Set up and maintenance of bookkeeping systems

· Set up and implementation of sales and administration processes

· MYOB and Xero software with knowledge across all features.

· Regular management reporting and analysis

· Regular management and reporting of cash flow including projections

· Bank and credit card reconciliations

· Debt management

· Payroll, PAYG / PAYE withholding, payment summaries and Superannuation

· GST and BAS lodgement

· Preparation of accounts to issue to your accountant

BAS Preparation & Direct Lodgements

Matheson & Osman Bookkeeping are registered BAS Agents which gives us direct access to commuincate with the ATO on your behalf through their BAS Agent Portal

Performance & Management Reporting

Days tick by which turn into weeks which turns into months and all of a sudden the year is almost over and you haven't had time to check how your business is performing...sound familiar?!
We can implement regular profit & loss reports to keep you on top of your businesses profitability and highlight any areas of concern.  We can also set up systems to help you better manage your business be it the profitability of a marketing campaign, your highest grossing product, wage and roster analysis, staff motivation schemes....there are lots of ways to assist you to better manage your business!


Reconciliations is a process where we balance your statements i.e. bank statements to your accounting software i.e. MYOB.  We also reconcile internal POS software i.e. cash registers, MICROS etc  to check the POS data is accurate to what has been banked.
Why are reconciliations so important? regular reconciliations ensure the accuracy of your financial figures and eliminate potential costly errors. All too often we pick up errors such as incorrect treatment of GST, creditor invoices that have been double paid, customer invoices undercharged or entered twice, bank deposits incorrectly coded as income when it was just a inter-company loan or funds transfer ...we have seen some creative things in our time! Rest assured our attention to detail will pick up any inconsistencies.